Ryu Redwings Roleplay-Along Blog

Hey there! My name's Ryu, and I recently discovered that tumblr has a roleplaying community! RPing happens to be one of my favorite hobbies, and so I thought I'd join in on the fun.

I don't really RP fandoms, but I can give them a shot. I'm literate, and usually write about three to four paragraphs. I kind of really respond to what my partner gives me though. XD

If you're interested, drop me an ask!
This is gonna be so much fun!

Age: 300 years old

Race: Kitsune

Personality: Black is just about the same as her name. She’s rude, grumpy, hates just about everyone she meets, and loves every second of it. She enjoys bullying people, especially if they seem weaker then her, and has no respect for anyone. She can be very stubborn, charging ahead even when the entire group she’s with thinks the complete opposite. If you don’t agree with her, you better get out of the way or you’ll get run over. Underneath her extremely point exterior though is a very upset young lady. Black has been through more then she likes to admit, and so covers it up by biting every hand that tries to help her. She has some serious trust issues both with herself, and with people. She is literally at war with herself on the inside since a greed spirit is housed inside her body, and when it gets the best of her, she becomes more sadistic and crueler then she usually is. She has the same tendency to pick on the people she likes the most like her twin Ryu, and equates roughing someone up to giving them a hug. She has an extremely bad temper, easily beating up (or worse) the offending person, and isn’t afraid slap someone stupid if they deserve it (and sometimes when they don’t).

History: Black grew up in the same temple with her twin sister Ryu, and they both began their training for demon exorcising at the same time. Whereas Ryu did poorly, Black quickly excelled in both the kitsune magic, and holy magic of demon dispelling. The monks took notice of her talent, and so challenged her more then her fumbling sister. Black mastered all the magic that was required of her, and then some, and after a year of training that usually took ten years, the monks found her a priestess partner to roam the countryside with.

Black had always been on the rough side, and so when given to the sweet and gentle priestess Misao, she severely underestimated her. Her partner surprised her by proving herself hardy and reliable though, and they soon became great friends. As they continued their journeys along the Pacific coast though, the two started to become even closer, and Black was faced with something she had never really encountered before: love. She didn’t know a girl could love another girl (this being the 1700’s and growing up in a remote Inari temple, Black didn’t get out much), and Misao accepted her curiosity and tentative heart. The priestess and kitsune were happy together, both as young loves and friends, until they got a report of a greed spirit plaguing a village. The two went to check it out, and found the spirit waiting for them outside the village. The battle quickly soured, even with all their training, and the pair soon found themselves fighting a spirit that was clearly out of their league.

In a split second of exhaustion, the spirit descended on Misao. Black rushed forward to try and save her love, but could only watch as the greed spirit tore her friend’s body apart. Enraged, Black charged forward to avenge her partner only to suddenly find herself being possessed by the demon. It had been the demon’s plan all along; to find a powerful host and use it to destroy Japan. Black wasn’t going down without a fight though, and managed to block the spirit from taking her over entirely, but couldn’t remove it from her herself.

Mad with grief and the uncontrollable desire to consume, Black destroyed the countryside and anything in her path. She was plagued with endless hunger and so ate everything (and everyone) that crossed her path. The spirit drove her insane to the point where she could no longer distinguish friend from foe. Her sister Ryu and her new partner tracked her down, and after a long battle, was able to subdue her to the point that they could bring her back to the temple. The monks tried everything to remove the greed spirit from Black’s body but to no avail. She was cursed forever with a hole that could never be filled.

Black didn’t stay long at the temple, ashamed of her actions and bitter towards the world that had robbed her of her first love and any chance of her having a ‘normal’ life. After she recovered, she left the temple, angrier and crueler then ever. She wandered the world, giving in to her cannibalistic tendencies then running.

Around the 1970’s, Black was ‘discovered’ in France, and the agent that wouldn’t leave her alone convinced her to enter the modelling business. She was a hit, and has been doing it ever since. Being a model actually suited her just fine; she got to be mean and rude to everyone she met and didn’t get reprimanded since it was ‘part if her job.’ As the years passed, she’s grown to handle her insatiable appetite a bit more, but still has the occasional craving for flesh. She mostly handles it with lots of meat though, and a few nibbles on whatever unlucky soul has wandered into her clutches.

Important Note: Black actually swings both ways, but has vowed to never love another woman, or anyone else really, ever again.

Age: 300 years old

Birthday: March 15, 1711

Race: Kitsune

Personality: Ryu can be summed up in one word; happy! She’s pretty bouncy and always optimistic about any situation. She does have other sides to her though, ranging from quiet and serious to loud and outraged. She tends to analyze situations and then act accordingly, but tries her best to stay positive no matter what. She hates rude and obnoxious people, even though she can be a bit obnoxious herself. Being a fox spirit, she loves to run around and have fun, playing tricks on people that she likes best. The harder you’re messed with, the more she tends to like you. She knows when to cut back though, and will ease up if she notices that the person in question doesn’t appreciate her pranks. She can be a little of an air-head, forgetting to do daily tasks, and can get dates and times easily mixed up. Despite her having a bad habit of being late to everything though, she’s pretty reliable.

History: Ryu comes from a long line of temple foxes who protected an Inari temple on the Pacific coast of Japan. They were usually paired up with a monk and trained to protect the temple and people from the various demons that ran around the area. She has twin sister named Black, and they trained together their whole lives. Black quickly excelled in her training while Ryu lagged behind, still trying to master the basics. She caught on to kitsune magic (duplication, transformation, fox fire), but just couldn’t get the hang of the holy magic she needed to help out her monk/priestess partner that she would get in the future. Black completed her training, and got a partner. It wasn’t long before she and Misao left the temple to start taking calls from villages. Sad and discouraged in her training, Ryu watched as her sister went off without her.

A few weeks later, reports of a mad kitsune running rampant started coming to the temple. Ryu listened to the reports, and was horrified to find that the kitsune was none other then her sister. Black’s partner had been killed by a greed spirit, and then possessed the distraught kitsune in her grief. The monks rushed to at least attempt at finishing Ryu’s training (even though she still could barely grasp holy magic) and then sent her off with a partner to track down her errant twin. With the help of her partner, she was able to find her sister, and bring her back to the temple. Sadly, the greed spirit that had taken Black’s body prisoner was too deeply entwined with her sister’s soul, and couldn’t be removed, and Ryu had to face the fact that her sister would be half-possessed her entire life.

Life went on, and Ryu immigrated to the United States when she was about 250 years old, and decided to try and meld with the modern world. She went to college, got a masters in journalism, and went on to working for various newspapers and journals. Being nearly immortal has given her some perks and the opportunities to see a lot of the world develop outside her Japanese home.